Tips for Choosing a New Baby Stroller

We will help you choose the best option for a baby stroller that will be comfortable for your baby, and will not hit your family budget hard.

Choosing the first stroller for your baby is a big deal. You need to take into account many factors in order for the purchase to please you for a long time.

Are you traveling by car?

Strollers with infant carriers are perfect for those who like to travel by car. A very convenient option for attaching the cradle both in the car and in the base of the stroller will help to transport the child without much effort.

Choosing baby stroller

Do you use public transport?

If you are a frequent traveler by train, plane and bus, then cane strollers are perfect for you. They are compact, lightweight, take up very little space and you can always take them with you on the road.

Do you walk a lot?

For daily walks, you need a sturdy stroller with wheels large enough to overcome obstacles. It is better to choose one of the walking options for strollers, as they are light enough and strong at the same time.

Choosing baby stroller

Where to store the stroller?

Before buying a stroller, be sure to plan where you will store the stroller and how to transport it for outings and back. Pay attention to whether the stroller will fit into the elevator, whether it can be folded and put away on the balcony, or whether there is enough space in the corridor. Plan everything before making a purchase.

How to take baby stroller out into the street?

If you live on the 5th floor and there is no elevator in the house, then it makes sense to purchase a folding model that you can prepare yourself for a walk. Remember that you will have to carry the baby in one hand and the stroller and bag in the other, so pay attention to the weight of the product.

How many strollers do you need?

 baby stroller

Many mothers prefer to have 2 strollers – one classic for the fall-spring seasons and one cane stroller as Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Travel System for walking with a child in the summer. The choice of the number of strollers depends on your immediate desire and need.

Useful Tips

Do it

  • Read the instructions or watch the video before using this or that model,
  • Make sure that the baby is safely sheltered from the elements (rain, wind) while walking,
  • When folding and unfolding the stroller, be careful not to let your child get close to the stroller,
  • Teach everyone who walks with a stroller to use the brakes, as well as locking the wheels and folding the stroller.

Don’t do it

  • Do not leave children unattended in the stroller,
  • Do not leave children in the car seat for more than 2 hours. Every 2 hours, a warm-up is required for the children’s back,
  • Do not hang heavy bags on the handles of the stroller so that it does not tip over,
  • Remove the raincoat indoors or in sunlight to avoid overheating your baby.
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